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Allen Lyle

Born to Perform

Allen first set foot on the stage in December of 1968 and ever since that day, he's been the consummate entertainer.

With countless stage performances, anchor duties for both FOX and NBC News, the co-host of an Emmy-nominated national television show, hundreds of radio programs, national commercials and a featured role in a suspenseful sci-fi movie, Allen Lyle has accumulated over 50 years of stage & screen experience.

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Lyle-Style Productions' latest venture is a series aimed at home improvement for all the non-human family members in your household. 

"Allen Lyle's Pet Projects" shows its audience easy-to-accomplish DIY designs intended to give your favorite family pet a happy, healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

Learn More about Allen Lyle's Pet Projects here.

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"Having had the privilege of working several times with Allen, I can certainly attest to his talent, professionalism, knowledge, experience, and overall work ethic. As an actor I have seen a truly impressive range... from comic to dramatic, musical or straight play, he delivers an incredible performance with the proper emotional impact each and every time. His timing, delivery, and charisma shines through as he portrays each character with the subtle nuances that only come from years of developing the skills of a true actor.

    Also, Allen is one of the most genuine, positive, kind and helpful people I've ever known. I have no doubt that anyone who gets the opportunity to work with him will feel the same way. I have personally experienced his many talents and abilities numerous times and hope to again in the future. I guess you could say I'm a big fan and I'm sure you will be, too!"

Scott Morlock

Piano/ Vocalist, Composer, and Theater Director

Be sure to check out Scott's music video, "This Is My Hollywood" produced by Lyle-Style Productions!

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Plant the Seed
Lyle-Style Productions, LLC

Plant the Seed

I have been labeled as too old. Too conservative. Too Christian. I find it sadly ironic that those who jump up and down on their political or social soap boxes with their virtual megaphones in hand set to its ANGRY mode so they can self-righteously scream for the acceptance of EVERYONE are those who are the guiltiest of practicing hate and prejudice against those who don’t look like, dress like, believe like, or vote like themselves. In essence, they are the very epitome of hatred that they so hypocritically complain about seeing in others. Yes, I’m old fashioned. Yes, my morals and ethics may be different from someone else’s. That being the case does not mean I am going to ostracize those individuals and re-label them from “Friends” to “Unworthy of My Divine Presence.” While I am more than happy to have a civil and adult conversation with anyone who is curious about my beliefs, I will not attempt to shove those beliefs down anyone’s throat and force them to “be like me.” I mean, how unbelievably boring would that be??? On the other hand, if you opt to see me only as an insignificant so-and-so, and feel you have the right to dictate what I can do or say based on YOUR beliefs, then I would invite you to hop your smug posterior up on your high horse and trot in the opposite direction, never to look back. I’ve neither the time nor the patience to foster such negativity in my life; and rest assured, in those instances I will RELUCTANTLY remove you from receiving my posts, so you don’t have to be burdened with my outdated mindset. Personally, I prefer diversity of thought in my circle of friends. It allows me the opportunity to see things from different perspectives and, yes, it even will see me change my outlook and opinion on occasion. As a Christian, I am encouraged to share the good news of the Gospel. A parable told by Jesus likened it to planting seeds, something I am keenly aware of doing as a part time home gardener. A portion of that seeding, I believe, is encouraging the traits of Respect…. Acceptance…. Love (RAL – my initials, as it happens). What takes place after that is completely out of my hands. I can’t force the seeds to grow. I just plant them and hope for the best. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are planting seeds every single day. Do you even know what you are sowing? Will you be responsible for a crop of kindness? Or will you look back and see a harvest of hatred? What follows is an embarrassingly bad attempt at a rap number I have written that puts all of the above in a fun, “hip” presentation. Fair Warning: It is just as awkward to listen to me attempt to rap this as it was to see me portray the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees in CATS (Yours truly in a unitard is NOT a pretty sight). But, in an effort to practice what I preach, I am accepting and respecting this genre as a valid form of communication, whether I personally care for it or not. Respect. Acceptance. Love.
A Farmers Prayer
A Blue Friday
Jungle Book Anniversary
The Unicorn Song
Gently From Our Minds - Full Version
Embrace Your Pond
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