Pet Projects

Where home improvement meets the animal kingdom


About Pet Projects

Veteran TV Host Allen Lyle packs a pet-friendly punch with Pinterest-style projects! It's the wild side of DIY as Allen gives back to the family members who give us so much unconditional love and support.

Every pet NEEDS an Allen project!


"I think it's brilliant! Good luck. Just go for it!"

Kevin Sorbo - Actor (Hercules, Andromeda)


"I hope it goes swimmingly well for you. Good luck with that and all my love!"

Bonnie Wright - Actress ("Ginny Weasley on the Harry Potter movies)


"What an idea! Home improvement meets the animal kingdom. People are going to glue themselves to the screen on this."

Adriano Zumbo - Celebrity Chef (Sugar Rush)


"Congratulations, Allen Lyle's Pet Projects! I'm there opening night!"

Stephen Tobolowsky - Actor  (Groundhog Day)


"Congratulations on one of the pinnacles of your career!"

Carla Hall - Celebrity Chef (The Chew)


"I want to wish you all the luck in the world with it! Stay groovy!"

Barry Williams - Actor (The Brady Bunch)


"Allen Lyle is back! You heard me! Allen Lyle is back!!"

Christopher "KID" Reid - Hip Hop Artist  (Kid N Play)


"Can't wait to see it. Can't wait to be a part of it."

Ed Begley - Actor  (Batman Forever, Best In Show)


"Break a leg! I hope it goes well and I wish you so much good luck!"

Vicki Lawrence - Actress  (The Carol Burnett Show, Mama's Family)


"On behalf of your old friend Mark of luck and congratulations on your new show, Allen Lyle's Pet Projects!"

Mark McGrath - Singer/Songwriter (Sugar Ray)


"We're so excited about it and can't wait to see it!"

Randy & Mary Travis - Grammy-Winning Country Music Superstar


"Hey, man...I hope that your new home improvement show is a huge success! And make sure you build ME something while you're doing it!"

Ruben Studdard - Singer  (American Idol Winner)


"I love that you're doing this! I think it's exciting!"

Lesley Ann Warren - Actress  ("Clue")


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